August 14, 2014. IDEAS ONLUS* is founded...this is our story.

We met as volunteers in a small village in Guatemala in 2009 and had the dream of creating an organization that could offer support to people in need ever since.

We gained additional field experience in Sudan and Tanzania and upon returning to Italy decided to see how we could get involved closer to home.

We believe that international cooperation is necessary, however, we realize that there are also many people in need at the national level. We have decided to focus our efforts primarily in Italy by providing quality, results oriented social assistance to help individuals and families in hardship.

After sharing our dream with friends and combining personal and professional experiences, a group of motivated individuals came together and we embarked on this new journey.

Thank you very much for your interest and we hope you can be an integral part of IDEAS.

Bea and Angelo


*ONLUS is an Italian acronym that specifies that an association is non-profit and for social improvement.